#5 Congregation and Exterior promo 

-Backing away dolly shot down the center isle opens on you reading verse. The camera continues backward to reveal a full house intently listening. Camera fades as it passes through interior doors.

-final shots opens on drone pulling away and up from the church at sunset as narration ends. 

School Film 

Using the general tone of the film you showed me and your establishing shot ideas, we are ready for a script. Tentative screenplay is as follows.

-We will film 5 separate scenes around the campus discussing a different aspect of the school. As you mentioned, shots will feature different staff delivering a walking narrative as the camera backs away. At certain times during each narrative, the camera will switch to scenes with students involved in the discussed activity.

-I will bolster the regular film with time lapses, slow-motion and aerial tilt-shift shots to create a sense of grandeur and contemporary artfulness.

3-d modeling for printing of miniatures 

We will be ready to print on Nov 1.

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